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 The Poke'cage!

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The Poke'cage! Empty
PostSubject: The Poke'cage!   The Poke'cage! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 8:37 pm

hey all...ish (we need more people lol
anyhoo. this is the poke'cage. over here we have some bars... and over there are the spectator stands. i think i'll have some trained monkeys wander about to sell drinks and stuff... mhm.
and way over there is the over priced consesion.
NOW to buisiness.
the poke'cage is a place for battles!
horse riding, sword swinging trident throwing battles!!
there is a certen site. *cough*smogon*cough* that enforces rules known as "standard rules"
thats fine and all but i don't believe in forcing others to conform to these rules.
if you play by "standard rules" then let the person you are about to battle know this. perhaps ask politly if they would like to play by these rules instead of expecting them to and then hulking out when they send in a legendary with bright powder attached.
I for one am willing to play by standard rules AND regular game play rules (the in game rules the designers made for us to play by)

this thread will be REALLY slow at first till this site gets more members (i'll help out by advertising where i can)

anyway, you know how it goes. slap that FC on here and wait for people!

Here is my FC

4898 9424 5632
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Decent Trainer
Decent Trainer

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The Poke'cage! Empty
PostSubject: when get my ds back   The Poke'cage! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 10:18 pm

when I get my ds back I will certainly play with you. lmao
and I already am attemting

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The Poke'cage!
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